Beautiful Shoulder Tattoo by Vishal Tattoo Artist Goa.

The shoulder alone is not a lot of space. But it connects the neck, chest and arm. Thus shoulder tattoos have a big room to expand. One good thing about shoulder tattoos is that you can choose to hide or show them. Unlike finger tattoos which are exposed most of the time, clothes with sleeves will cover them, whether big or small. On the contrary, a vest or a tank top will do the job if you feel like showing them.

That’s why there are so many possibilities for shoulder tattoos, especially for women. Huge, tiny, color, black and grey, detailed or minimalist, the shoulder is a canvas for your imagination to go wild. Depending on the design, you can also ink on the front shoulder, shoulder blade, outside the shoulder, or the top shoulder. A good design plus the right placement will compliment your body. With so many options, it can be challenging to decide what design you want. So here is a list of shoulder tattoos for women. From small to big, from black to color, these stunning and unique tattoo ideas will inspire your next ink.